Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aren't all hosting providers the same? -- Pt 3

Whoops, it's after midnight. I was busy working, but even though it's 12:20am, I wanted to take a couple minutes to write the short blog for Wednesday (even though it's Thursday now).

As stated I was going to talk about some of the experiences that we went through with other companies, which resulted in our starting the web hosting division of Obsidian Moon Creations. Also as stated, no names will be mentioned, for obvious reasons.

The first web hosting reseller that we started with, to offer hosting for all of our clients, was one of the companies that, for their regular clients, offer unlimited everything in their hosting package, and offer a free domain name with the hosting package. It had sounded like a pretty good deal at the time, but in hindsight we should have seen all of the stuff they were throwing in the package for free; it should have rang the "gimmack" alarm.

This company's servers were overloaded. In cPanel, I was able to get in and see that the RAM was at almost always at 98% (or higher), Server Load was excessively high, and many times my site, and my clients sites, loaded so slow I was wondering if I was on dialup, rather than a broadband connection. When I asked technical support about this issue, they stated this was "normal". Um, excuse me, but if your computer that you use at home is running at 98% RAM used, isn't that a sign that something is using a lot of memory, and it should be looked at? Also, if you CPU is showing high usage, isn't that a warning sign that something is utilizing a lot of the system resources?

After a couple of months of this headache, we decided that we, and our clients, deserved better, which prompted us to move our services to another provider, and cancel our services at this company. Low and behold, they took it seriously and canceled EVERYTHING, including the "free" domain that they offered. When it came time to renew that domain, it was like pulling teeth, with 4 different "customer service" reps all giving me different responses, including one that told me I had to pay close to $400 BEFORE they would talk to me about that domain. This $400 wasn't for any services that I had with them, but some numbers that this one rep threw out. I don't know about you, but that really screams "scam" to me. It took threats of contacting the Better Business Bureau, their local Attorney General's office, and contacting my attorneys before they decided to work with me.

Is this the norm for everyone? That I can't say, but this was a personal experience that we had, which was a serious learning experience is how NOT to do business.

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