Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aren't all hosting providers the same? -- Pt 5

Today I'm going to wrap up our experiences with the last 2 providers that we encountered.

After the last provider, we decided that we wanted to provide our clients with Green hosting services, providing services that were more friendly to our environment. We went with a provider that was highly rated in webhosting reviews, and were green. Initially, this provider had decent services, but over time we started noticing emails bouncing back with responses that the IP address was blacklisted. We did some research, and found that the IP range has recently been blacklisted. We contacted the support department, were told this was resolved, but there was never any change to the blacklists. Then, little by little features were disappearing from the hosting control panels. The attitude of support was take it or leave it, but with a feature such as backups being removed, this caused great concern.

So, we switched to another provider, which was an even worse experience. In short, in the 1 month that we were with them, our uptime statistics went from 100% to 95%. Of course, this was unacceptible, and that is when we decided to invest in our own architecture, and handle and maintain our own hosting services, with the intent to NOT do what these other providers were doing.

Tomorrow we'll talk about some of the features that we offer, and have enabled, that none of these other providers offer.

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