Friday, January 28, 2011

Aren't all hosting providers the same? -- Pt 4

OK, I'm fighting the onset of a cold right now, but want to get today's blog in.

The second company that we worked with was great, to begin with. For the hosting space for my clients I was able to choose Windows or Linux. I could create different sized packages, what features, and quanity, etc, but the first issue arose when a client wanted to upgrade their account. There was no easy way to allocate additional resources for the client besides creating a whole new account and moving everything. The second issue arose when technical support told me that a particular function that I was trying to use was available, then another rep telling me something to the contrary.

Once again, our clients deserved better. Plus, this company's proprietary system was difficult for some people to understand. Ease of use, and easy to understand are very important. Accurate information is of utmost importance as well.

So, once again we were off to find another provider. How was this one, compared to the others? Find out tomorrow.

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